Founded in 10/2015, Acaramia is an independent studio in invitation cards and other paper products. Besides the advantages in wedding stationery, Acaramia is a supplier of elegant stationery for business and manually printed products with limited quantity.

We don’t have much to tell but one thing: Here at Acaramia, we love what we do – the products created by our young, energetic and creative members. For we are independent, there are no limits or standards to our designs. Inspiration can come from certain patterns in magazines, quotes from our favorite books or even the feelings from a graceful interior design. We love to talk to every couple, coming up with unusual ideas and making them “live” in the invitations.

A studio in manually printed products seems to be so risky in this “digital age”. We are not nostalgic; it’s just an effort to bring you couples good feelings – by the endless beauty of classic paper products.

Anyway, we are still young and we love what we are doing here in our little studio. Maybe the invitations we have at present will be so stained sometimes that you don’t want to keep them anymore. But we are willing to challenge ourselves. Time fades but good feeling remains – it’s the inspiration to our creativeness. How fast time flies, but there are still pencil, paper and color pantone in this little studio and we make them into invitations and other paper products that you can order on our website.

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