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White, greenery and wooden vein for trendy wedding invitations in 2017

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How many ideas can we come up with to have an ideal wedding invitation? It‘s so hard to find all the answers but while trying to do so, Acaramia realizes that there is a kind of beauty named purity or simpleness. And that’s the beginning of the beautiful White Magnolia.

White Magnolia refers to a species of flowers that is considered the symbol of purity. This name also refers the spirit of the invitation – as simple as possible – with black-and-white toning, symmetrical balance, manually debossed printing method and serif fonts for wording. The charming invitations recall of a lovely Aurora waking up from the age of the classic.  

Maybe you’ve ever interested in the black-and-white invitations or in debossed printing method by Acaramia, then with White Magnolia we’re going to tell you about symmetry and the serif fonts, something so strange but also familiar at the same time. The symmetrical layout in White Magnolia is the best choice for classic designs, and the serifs remind of “dry” text or old-fashioned typewriter… Unexpectedly, our modern invitations now all originate from these old things. So with White Magnolia, Acaramia would like to bring you a classically simple design, like a way to slow down our modern pace of life, to think and to love more deeply.  

Among of so many styles of wedding invitation that are new, modern or colorful, the classic White Magnolia is something completely pure and fresh. It’s risky to come back to classic values in this “digital age” but to Acaramia, it is not only to be pleased but also to experience and to be responsible. Fortunately, this choice finally brings you the charming White Magnolia that is attractive with great impression on every one of your guest in the wedding.


Premium Blue Peonies Wedding Invitation – The best choice to couples who love luxury and minimalism

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Here at Acaramia Studio, there are no limitations, even on toning or patterns, to a premium wedding invitation. That’s also the story behind Blue Peonies – a luxury premium invitation design which is completely different from what we think about wedding stationery.

If you’ve ever been interested in the invitations designed by Acaramia, you should be used to sophisticated foil-stamping technique and our toning style with sweet rose gold or classic silver. These two colors are also the traditional choices to elegant foil-stamped invitations, being charming to couples all over the world. Turning to Blue Peonies, just with some “unconventional” foil colors – bright, eye-catching toning such as bright pearl color or tiffany blue, elegance comes with purity, which many couples have been looking for their invitations.

Spending just a little more time on Blue Peonies, you should realize that so-strange-invitation is, anyway, still in Acaramia-own-style: no more than 03 colors for a design. With pure white art paper, tiffany blue and classic black letters, the luxury Blue Peonies are stunning – in simple, minimalist style.

Maybe we don’t need to talk so much about minimalism even though it is trendy to modern invitations. We just hope you to feel the luxury and elegance in every detail of Blues Peonies. Besides informative purpose, a wedding invitation is truly a story of emotion, like Blue Peonies being attractive at the first sight.

We are pleased to working to bring you couples the wedding invitations that are unique, luxurious, modern and trendy. Because here at Acaramia, we sincerely believe that every love story is romantic and every wedding is worth the best things.