Little lovely cards for your wedding to be different

By 24/07/2017Wedding

If your wedding invitations give your guests the first impression of the party, such little cards shall be the final touches that complete a dream wedding. So let’s spend some time on these interesting sweet staff.

Here at Acaramia, sometimes we are asked about the difference between “wedding stationery” and “wedding invitation”. Maybe the answer comes somewhere in those little cards that we would like to introduce you in this article. “Stationery” means all printed items that you may need for your wedding. In addition to invitations, it should also be table cards or nametags. At Acaramia, we choose to make these cards with white ink on brown paper or on vintage rustic paper, being harmonious with the wedding theme.

For a warm wedding, these cards are (usually named escort cards) used for table (or even seat) assignment. So your guest will easily find the right seat for him, to be more pleased and to enjoy himself more at the wedding. Of course it may also be for the wedding program, menu, or even a card written anything that you’d like your guest to know about your story – your first day of dating, your first gift to him/her, or your wedding decorated in blue just because of his taste… These cards are often quite small – 2.5×3” in general, but they show how much you care you guests.

For a long time working with couples over the world, Acaramia is so lucky to experience many different cultures, so we see how different in the way the wedding held. An escort card should not be a “serious” ceremony, but it is definitely a sweet feeling for your guest to be a part of your wedding.