When should I place my order?

Since the nature of our work is highly specialized, it is recommended that you book your order 6-8 weeks in advance so we can have ample time for the whole process. Acaramia is an independent design studio and our availability can be limited at times. Generally, we need 1-2 weeks for design and proofing, plus 2-3 weeks for printing, checking the products and finishing them with accessories. Shipping needs an additional 2-5 days for deliveries within Ho Chi Minh City and 5-15 days to other provinces. Therefore, placing an order in less than 4 weeks is considered to be rush.

Can you accept a rush order?

You order is considered a rush if you require you invitations to be delivered in a minimum of 4 weeks. We are happy to accommodate rush orders if our schedule allows. To verify availability, please send us an email with description of the items you need and the date when you need final product in hand.

When should I send my Save-the-Dates?

Save-the-Dates should be sent out 7-10 days in advance for local wedding. For destination wedding, send them 2 weeks in advance.

When should I send my Wedding Invitations?

Wedding Invitations should be sent out 2-4 weeks in advance for local wedding. For destination wedding, send them 1 month in advance.


How does the order process work?

1) Client submits an order form. The order form should include details such as styles that you need and the date you need final product in hand. You can also send us an image of wedding invitations that you like so we can see clearly the style that you want for yours. Email: contact@acaramia.com

2) We respond to the client via email with total price quotes and detailed price quotes.

3) If the client agrees, submits a 50% deposit toward the total costs.

4) The client and Acaramia work together via email to reach a final design.

5) The client approves the final design for print.

6) Acaramia prints, ships the order and clients submits payment for remaining costs.

How much your invitations cost?

Please see our price chart. Please be sure to provide us as much detail regarding your paper choice, card sizes and printing methods so we can accurately prepare your quote. For further information, please contact us.

How do I submit my payment?

Orders are split into two payments:

1) 50% down payment

2) Remaining balance and Shipping

Payments are collected via domestic ATM or credit card. We will email you to confirm the process of payment for each when due.

How do I submit the text for my invitation?

Please note that when emailing us, you should make your email clear with a subject including “CONTENT OF THE CARDS_YOUR NAMES” so we can quickly notice it, avoiding your email being skipped or lost. About the content of the email, please attach a Word document or simply copy your text into the body of the email.

How do I submit my recipient address list for printing on the envelopes?

We also accept an Excel document if you already have your recipient information setup in this application. We will print the addresses exactly as shown on your list, so be sure to pay close attention to correct spelling, line breaks, punctuation, abbreviation… Please do not bold, highlight, italicize or insert any unnecessary spacing, columns.

We also aceept an Excel document if you already have your recipient information setup in this application. However, you need to merge the information into 3 distinct columns: Recipient Names, Stress Address, City/Province.

Do you provide a printed proof?

All proofing is done digitally via email. “Hard copy” can be provide on select flat printed pieces by request, but will require an extra fee and extended production timeline.


Will you sell just the digital files for me to print myself?

Sorry, we don’t offer that service at the moment.


What colors can you print?

Generally, we can print in any colors you wish! We do not limit you to e menu of colors to select from. Instead, we use the colors you wish to best match your desired color scheme. If you are not exactly sure what colors to choose, we are happy to provide options and recommendation, based on your event’s color scheme. We also offer white printing on select darker colored papers and envelopes.

However, we recommend using elegant and luxurious colors, in order to make your wedding invitations best match your wedding decoration. White art paper imported from Italian, Holland, Spain are great suggestions for an elegant wedding invitation and any patterns printed on these kinds of papers are extremely fine, no matter which colors you choose.

Can I request a different font?

Sure. We have an extensive collection of fonts and we are continually adding new fonts to our selection for you to choose from. If you are interested in a particular font, let us know what it is called. If you just see a font elsewhere but do not know what it is called, send us in image and we can identify the font or find close comparable options. If our collection of fonts does not satisfy you, please contact us to be provided with handwritten fonts.

Can I make change on your design and colors?

Sure. If you are interested a design in a sample and font in another, or if you have your ideas about unique wedding invitations that show your wedding style, we can work with you for a final product as you wish. Since the nature of our work is custom, we are not limit you to order a certain design.

However, please note that our designs have been through a design process with great care and delicacy to match in colors, patterns and fonts. If a little change is made, it will look totally different. Please take it into consideration before making a decision.

Can I request a different graphics, a specific type of flower, or can you create new artwork for my invitations?

Sure. We have an extensive library of graphics and artwork for you to choose from. We are also capable of creating new artwork. If you wish something specific, we most likely have multiple options for you.

Should I use an envelope liner?

A liner with patterns is a way to add your own taste to your wedding invitations. Of course, the choice to use an envelope liner is up to you.

Do you offer calligraphy?

In a number of designs, we provide calligraphy for important headlines such as names of the brides and the grooms. However, the use of calligraphy should be limit to certain heads so the invitation will not look a jumble. In addition, we recommend using appropriate fonts for content and information.


How thick is your paper?

Please note that we do not use common paper for print. Instead, we use high-quality art paper from 220-350gsm, depending on the paper you choose. Thicker paper is in maximum of 900gsm. This use allows the best color quality in print and creates luxury, which you cannot get with ordinary paper. Please contact us for further information about paper and card sizes.

What is the difference between flat printing and debossed printing?

Flat printing: With sharp details and rich colors, flat printing produces a finished product where the design is completely flat on the paper with a matte finish. Flat printing is the most common printing method now because there are no limits of to the amount of colors that can be printed and its price is cheaper than letterpress printing.

Debossed printing: This is the oldest and most luxurious printing method, in which each piece is hand-fed through an antique press so it requires a complicated process. A printing plate pushes your design into the paper to create beautiful, deep impression. Customers choose letterpress printing for the ultimate in quality and texture. This printing method costs more than flat printing. Please note that price chart for letterpress is not publicized, so please contact us for further information. We also have letterpress printed sample to send to you on your request.

White printing: For an unique look for your invitations, we offer white printing on darker paper and envelope. Like flat printing, with white printing, the design is completely flat on the paper. White printing creates sharp, long-lasting designs and texts. Customers choose white printing to have unique invitations with striking texts on dark paper. White printing requires no additional fees (the same price as flat printing).


How long does shipping take?

Delivery takes 2-5 working days within Ho Chi Minh City and 5-10 working days to other countries. You can require EMS if necessary.

How much does it cost?

The cost of shipping depends on your order size and how quickly you want it to be delivered. Therefore, we will send detailed shipping cost for you in your order.


What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Refunds will be given in the same form of payment if the design and proofing process has not begun. Once the design & proofing process has begun, a 50% refund can be issued on cancellations. Once final print approval is given, no changes can be made to the wording or artwork, no cancellations will be accepted, and no refunds will be given. We are not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in designs that have been approved by you for final print.


Can I order a few more copies?

We automatically include 5 extra prints of invitations and 5 extra envelopes with every order. However, we cannot give extra prints due to its expenses. If you end up needing more copies after your order has been completed, the minimum amount we can process a reprint for is 20 at cost. Please inform us if you need reprinting before the last payment. Also, please inform us if you need more than 5 extra envelopes.


Can I order invitations for an event that is not a wedding?

Sure! Our designs can certainly be used for a variety of other occasions such as corporate events, fashion shows, fundraisers, birthday parties and other special celebrations. We are happy to configure design details and revise wording to accommodate these types of events.