Custom orders do not begin without a 50% deposit. After finishing the design process, we will send you an email with digital proofs for revision so you can check the content and make request for modifying. At the same time, you shall pay the remaining 50%. We are willing to modify the designs but no more than 2 times. If your requests are made more than 2 times, an additional fee of $25 is subjected each time. When the custom requests for correction, you should be responsible for aggregating detailed errors that are needed correction for Acaramia. All additional fees, if any, shall be added on to the last payment.

We accept domestic ATM and Paypal.


Price quotes are valid for 30 days. After 30 days, Acaramia reserves the right to revise pricing and terms. Acaramia also reserves the right to postpone the delivery, with a text document sent to the client, if the final proof is not approved or the remaining 50% is not paid.


Please notice that 90% of our transaction at the time is made online through email, website and phone 24/7. Custom orders do not begin if you do not confirm your order with a contract.

Please notice that 90% of our transaction at the time is made online through email, website and phone 24/7. Custom orders do not begin if you do not confirm your order with a contract. After a deposit of 50% is received, the following are included: 01 digital proof of a invitation + 01 digital proof of reception + 01 digital proof of envelope. We shall send you 2 options so you can choose the most appropriate one. For other wedding cards that are not included above, additional fee is 100,000 dong per card if it is your request. Any card that is sent due to our mistakes is not charged. All the proofs are sent via email. We will print a proof order following the custom’s requirement. The payment for this proof will be charge for custom. You should recognize that the fee for a proof order will be higher than that printed in greater numbers. The fee and time to complete the proof order as below:

– Flat printing:

+ For available sample: 3 days. Fee: 600.000 – 650.000 VND according to materials
+ For customization: 4 days. Fee: 300.000 – 350.000 VND according to materials

– Letterpress: 7 days. Fee: 1.800.000 – 3.000.000 VND depend on the complexity of the pattern

– Foil Stamping:

+ For available sample: 3 days
+ For customization: 4 days

The same price as in Flat printing and plus 150.000 VND for 1 color emulsion. 200.000 VND for 2 color emulsion.


With the approval of final proofs via email or text document, the client agrees that the spelling, layout and content of the order are correct and that the client has agreed to Acaramia terms of service. It is the esponsibility of the client to assure that the content and layout are correct. Acaramia is not responsible for errors or inaccuracies that have been approved by the client for final print.


Clients are asked to submit their address list by a Word or Excel file (without formatting) before or at the time of the final approval. PDF, JPG or any types are not accepted. The addresses that you send are submitted for print so please pay attention to spelling, date, time and avenue of the wedding and abbreviation, since any request of editing or modifying after printing are not accepted.

Also, please note that Acaramia shall not sell, rent, share or exchange your information to any other parties in any form.


The client will receive the design after 7 workings day for available designs and 14 working days for new, requested designs. The client will receive the design after 15 working days. Delivery takes 2-5 working days within Ho Chi Minh City and 5-10 working days to other countries. You can require EMS if necessary. They shall be delivered along with a confirm letter including tracking number. Please notice that we are not responsible for delays due to inclement weather conditions or shippers’ faults during the delivery. Home delivery is available with reasonable fee. For no errors to occur on delivery, we require a signature for all deliveries. Acaramia is not responsible in for lost, stolen or undelivered orders if the client has request a waiver of signature or to leave the order in front of the house.


Please note that color can vary a little between what you see on your screens and items printed or when mixing colors. We go through each order by hand to assure the same exceptional quality throughout. However, we cannot guarantee a printed color will be an 100% exact match to the preview as it appears on a client’s monitor or
previously ordered samples.

If a product is deemed defective due to the fault of Acaramia, one of the following resolutions will be offered:

1. Acaramia will reprint at no charge to the client with the same production and delivery terms extending from the time of resolution. The client must contact Acaramia within 3 days of receiving the order. The product must be returned to Acaramia in its entirety within 10 days.

2. Acaramia will issue a 100% refund. The product must first be returned to Acaramia in its entirety within 10 days.

Reprints for client’s errors:

Refunds or complimentary reprints are not offered for the client errors. We will only reprint the original order at the cost for each reprinted item. In this event, client will be responsible for all delivery costs and rush charges (if any). Client errors include, but not limit, to: typos, incorrect spelling or wording revision, last minute changes, client’s
desire for a different layout, color or printing methods, slight color variances within four color (CMYK) industry standards for pleasing color.


Full refunds will be granted in the same form of payment if the design process has not begun. Once the design process has begun, 50% of the deposit will be refunded. Once final print approval is given, no cancellations will be accepted and no refunds will be given.


The artworks shall remain the property of Acaramia; granting to the client one time use of the designs for their event. Authorship and copyright accompany the designs when photos of the product are published online or in print. This is the grant of a license, not a transfer of title, and under this license the client cannot: copy the materials, resell the materials, claim any copyright or other proprietary notations of the materials, or transfer the license to another business or person. Clients must first have written permission to use or reproduce our designs for any other purpose.


The privacy of our clients is important to Acaramia. We will not sell, rent, share or in any way exchange a client’s personal information with any third party. When designs are published for portfolio or marketing purposes online or
in print, we omit or modify the client’s personal contact information that appeared in the original designs, including addresses, phone numbers…